Chris “Mr. Tingles” Matthews Tells Off Arianna Huffington: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Rally All About Restoring Hypocrisy

By Bettina Viviano

Ever since MSNBC (I call it MSDNC) host Chris Matthews decided that Mr. Obama “gave him a thrill up his leg,” it’s been hard to take much of what he says seriously.  However, even broken clocks are right twice a day, and it seems that Mr. Tingles got one right.   He had the courage and integrity to call Arianna Huffington out on her hate-fest, that really boiled down to a rock concert, attended mostly by astroturfers who Ms. Huffington herself paid to bus to the event.

Here’s a juicy little snippet of the exchange, in which Ms. Huffington says “Go ahead and make fun of me,” to which Mr. Tingles replies “I am.”

First, I am all for people getting together, in a grassroots, ground up fashion, to speak out against their government.  However, I do have a tremendous opposition to hypocrisy, and the Colbert-Stewart “Conservatives are Stupid” gathering seemed to operate on several hypocritical levels.

First, I thought we weren’t supposed to call people “Nazis,” or carry signs that indicated someone was likened to “Hitler.”  Well, apparently it’s okay when the left does it because here they are:





And here’s “Smugapalooza” – Video by Americans For Prosperity.

Hey, wasn’t this supposed to be about everyone being kind, sane, and unified for our country?  Doesn’t look that way to me, when so many of the signs call Conservatives “Teabaggers” and “Stupid” or “Illiterate.”  But, of course, smug is what the left does best.

Here is Reason TV’s “What We Saw At The Restoring Sanity Rally”

Smug is pretty euphemistic for this crowd, but early on you may notice the woman who claims “there are no Hitler signs” at her rally – did she miss the Beck and Palin-as-Hitler signs?  When asked if it was “OK” for the left to carry Bush-as-Hitler signs, the same woman admits that in her opinion that was “okay.”  Hmmm… no double standard to see here, I guess, move along, move along.

As a reminder, this is how the Left treated President Bush (oh and notice the misspelling – I thought only Conservatives were stupid):










Then again, I guess this is what the left calls “sanity.”  For an entire history of the Kill Bush rallies, please go here.  Then ask yourself where the Left gets off calling people “Teabaggers” and getting “horrified” and “outraged” at the “racists” who carry signs about Obama.










Of course the “elitist” left is SO much more classy than the “Teabaggers” – as evidenced by this great sign!

You know, because the progressive elite are SO much better and brighter than everyone else.  At least she wants to kill me in a “nice way.”  Thanks for that!

I could post these pics all day, but you get the point.  So, let’s do a recap, shall we?  The Beck Restoring Honor rally had NO signs allowed,  NO free rock concerts, free bus rides, and drew hundreds of thousands of God and America loving patriots, who had to pay their own way to get to DC to pray for the state of our country, and join hands in unity.

On the other hand, “Smugapalooza” seemed to confirm only one thing…Sheer hypocrisy and hate from the elitist Left.

Now, if we want to discuss Mr. Tingles being right about this one…I think he caught Ms. Huffington in the crosshairs.  It wasn’t “sane” and it certainly didn’t accomplish much.  Mr. Tingles, you have my agreement for once.


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