The South Central Los Angeles Black Tea Party Ruffles all the Right Feathers!

By Bettina Viviano

From the field, July 25th, 2011

Ever since the inception of the Tea Party, those of us who reject Barack Obama’s failed policies, big government, reckless spending, outrageous unemployment, Obamacare, Marxism, etc. have been viciously attacked by the left and called “racists” for no reason other than that we disagree with our far left liberal friends.  Of course, those of us actually in the Tea Party know that the “racist” meme is nothing but the pathetic shouts of those who can’t address our legitimate concerns with fact, logic or reason.   But regardless of the Black Tea Party members even holding press conferences to stop the “racism” lies from the left, the left refuses to stop their assaults on those who are exercising their rights to believe as they choose.

I have such admiration and respect for the African American, Hispanic, and other minorities who have faithfully attended the Tea Party Rallies and, despite harassment and abuse, support the conservative cause wholeheartedly.  They take more grief than ANYONE, and I thought I had it bad being a conservative in Hollywood.  It always amazes me that the so called “party of tolerance” doesn’t “tolerate” Blacks who have a mind of their own, calling them “Uncle Tom” or “Sellout” or “House Negro.”  They have threatened to hang Clarence Thomas, and kill Rep. Allen West and his family, all because they are Blacks that didn’t get the message that they are to cooperate with Obama’s destructive agenda, or suffer vicious attacks.  I am always stunned by the hypocrites on the left, who would light their hair on fire if we threatened Obama the way they threaten Black conservatives.

Today I was honored to attend the South Central LA Black Tea Party Rally, led by Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson.  Jesse Lee Peterson is president and founder of The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), an American group dedicated to a conservative agenda among African Americans. Rev. Peterson is also the Founder and President of BOND Action, Inc., a nonprofit, 501 (c) (4) organization. He has hosted a cable TV program and a syndicated radio talk show. His radio show is cited by Republican groups as an example of a black Republican message, including denunciations of affirmative action as “reverse racism”. He is a member of Choose Black America, an organization of African Americans who oppose illegal immigration to the United States.  He is also a member of the advisory board of Project 21, an African American conservative organization, and former board member of the California Christian Coalition.  What an amazing man the Reverend is, who of course brought me to tears with his words.

The rally today was in protest of the race-baiting and lies of the NAACP, who were holding their convention at the LA Convention Center.   Reverend Peterson’s message was clear and concise, positive and loving.  His words reiterated what we all know – that Democrats have used Blacks as their voter pool, having instructed them to live on the Democrat Plantation, often something as lovely as the liberal Detroit slum, take their government checks, and vote Democrat.   The Democrats have promoted the destruction of the Black family, and 70% of Black households now have no father.  As Reverend Peterson pointed out, the government and the Democrats become “Daddy” and the endless cycle of lowered expectations, inferior education, early deaths from violent crimes, prison life, etc. all emanate from the policies of the left that set Blacks back from the advancement of the Civil Rights Movement the Republicans created, passed and fought against the Democrats to make law.

Of course Reverend Peterson led the group in prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and some great Tea Party Patriots got up and started us singing “God Bless America.”  You know, all of those horrible, American things that liberals detest; our flag, our culture, God, prayer and patriotism.  I wish I could tell them what they are missing, and how amazing it is to love our country, and our freedoms more than life itself.  Being an emotional type, I was moved to tears so many times today that I was glad I had on some huge sunglasses to hide my eyes.

Just as an example of what “racists” the Tea Party people are…Here are a few pics we took today:


And this one is my favorite.  In my opinion, THIS is what REAL “Hope” is.  There were a lot of young kids running around, and at the end Reverend Peterson brought them all up to the podium.  They were Black, White and Mixed Race children, all there waving flags, certainly sure that their futures have been threatened and destroyed by big government spending policies.  These children are at a crossroads, and it’s time we start teaching our children the truth so their futures are bright ones.

God bless our Black Conservative brothers and sisters.  They are the ones who have studied real American history, and have dissected the truth about who are the “racists” in this country.  I highly encourage everyone to support Reverend Peterson and his cause, as well as the National Black Republican Association.


This is the BOND website for Reverend Peterson:  REVEREND JESSE LEE PETERSON/BOND

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