Uncle Ted Nugent Rocks My World With His Choice For POTUS 2016

Ted Nugent, Rick Perry

The first time I saw Ted Nugent perform was at one of those Super Jam concerts, in St. Louis, MO, when I was 14 years old.  It was one of those massive concerts at a massive stadium, with an entire day of Jefferson Airplane, REO Speedwagon, Jeff Beck, Peter Frampton, and Fleetwood Mac.  Yes, that probably tells you how old I am, but I’ve been a lifelong fan of Uncle Ted.

Little did I know that when I got involved in politics, Ted’s would be one of the voices I most respect.  As a Texan, he knows what freedom is, and that limited government is the model that creates a prosperous, and extremely enviable people.  I have to hear it all day long from my Mother, who lives in Plano, Texas, “Texas is the greatest state in the country.”

So, let me say how thrilled I was to see this article from The Blaze today:

Who Does Ted Nugent Think Would Make a Great President in 2016? We Asked, and He Told Us in No Uncertain Terms”


LAS VEGAS – Strolling the halls of the 2015 SHOT Show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas on Friday, rocker Ted Nugent appeared to be quite at home.

Image: TheBlaze / Mike Opelka

Whether he was dropping by radio shows — like the one hosted by TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch — or just wandering through the exhibits inside the massive convention center, Nugent was the picture of comfort. On Friday, TheBlaze sat down with Nugent for an in-depth interview that will air on an upcoming episode of TheBlaze Radio’s “Pure Opelka.”

Thursday night, at the Outdoor Channel’s annual Golden Moose Awards ceremony, Nugent scored his third consecutive “Golden Moose” award as the “Fan Favorite.”

Nuge and wife

In his acceptance speech, he relayed to the audience how he feels while walking around SHOT Show.

“It’s like a Nugent family reunion,” he said. “We all know each other intimately. We all share the same beliefs, the same passions, the same principles, the same honor, the same perfect…perfect lifestyle of revering God’s annual productivity by killing ‘em and grilling ‘em.”

In a Friday interview with TheBlaze, Nugent opined on a host of topics — from why hunters should be considered the real environmentalists to the state of American politics.

When asked about a possible presidential pick for the 2016 election, the rocker was quite clear. He would love to see former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the White House.

Nugent shared his reasoning behind the Perry pick, stating, “Given that the conditions in our White House are embarrassing and as corrupt as they are, there are thousands of great Americans that would be better than Barack Obama.”

He continued, “But, we don’t want just better than Barack Obama. We want real statesmen, real Constitutionalists. And I know why my quality of life in Texas is so supreme: Because of Rick Perry and our other elected employees. … And we the people of Texas remaining engaged and demanding accountability.”

Nugent summed up his thinking by saying, “So if my current dream could come true, I would love to see the American helm handled by the great Rick Perry.”

Well done, Uncle Ted.  I was a supporter of Governor Perry in 2012, and was part of the Rick Perry Iowa Strike Force.   I’ve never given up the dream myself that our last shot at a real Reagan Conservative, Rick Perry, will be my President.  He is a man of honor, integrity, courage and the most strict Constitutionalist, and best statesman in the potential line up for 2016.   All I can say, for the good of America, and the restoration of our greatness…PERRY 2016!

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